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How to Become a Member

The application process involves downloading and filling out the application form and mailing the completed application to our Membership Committee. Once reviewed you will be contacted to come in for an interview by our Membership Committee. Then you will asked for a cheque for $20.00 for a Credit Check, this is mandatory. Once the Membership Committee approves the applicant the application is presented to our Board of Directors for final approval. Applications need to be resubmitted every 6 months to maintain your spot on our waiting list.

Once approved you will be notified of acceptance into our Community and you will then be expected to pay the $2,000.00 deposit. Before move in you will do a unit inspection, keys will be given to you and we will welcome you to your new neighborhood.

Our Housing Charges

Cariboo Height Housing Co-op is not accepting applications at this time but current applicants should keep their information updated every six months. Applications older then six months will be shredded.


2 Bdrm (1 bath)

2 Bdrm (1.5 bath)*

3 Bdrm (1.5 bath)

4 Bdrm (1.5 bath)

Accessible Unit


1099 – 1164 sq.ft.

1099 – 1164 sq.ft.

1293 – 1315 sq.ft.

1452 sq.ft.

980 sq.ft.

Monthly Charge**






Gross Income***

$49,000 – $97,659

$49,000 – $97,659

$56,000 – $97,659

$62,280 – $97,659

$49,000 – $97,659

Share purchase price is $2,000.00

* Second ½ bath added to assist members over 65 yr of age – when interviewing for these units, priority will be given to seniors if they meet all the other criteria.

** Does not include utilities (hydro, cable or phone) and the Sector Support Fee of $9.00 per unit per month goes to Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada.

*** If combined gross income is above the ceiling ($97,659) the application cannot be accepted. If the gross income reaches the ceiling at anytime after becoming a member, there will be an additional fee added to the housing charges that is returned to CMHC.

Application Form

Member Requirements

  1. 50% of the units are available for members needing subsidy.
  2. Each household is required to purchase a share of $2000 that is refunded when membership is terminated.
  3. A Home Insurance Policy with a liability of $1,000,000 is mandatory upon move-in.
  4. Pet Policy is one pet per unit. Cats must be indoor only. (cats and dogs must be spayed/neutered)